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Conditions and limits

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Tenants who hold a secure tenancy with the council have the right to purchase their property subject to the following conditions:

  • introductory tenants do not have the right to buy their property until the initial trial period is completed.  Once a secure tenancy granted, the trial period will count towards the right to buy discount which is applied.
  • the right to buy is not available for tenants of sheltered accommodation


There are certain limits to the amount of discount that can be made to the purchase price of your home.  These are:

  • cost floor - this allows the council to reduce the discount applied to reflect what they have spent on building, buying, repairing, or improving your home during the last 10-11 years before the tenant applies to buy
  • previous purchases - where a tenants has previously bought another council property, any discount that was awarded at that time will usually be deducted from the discount awarded when applying to buy again
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