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Insurance and stall fees

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For Nuneaton Saturday and Wednesday market and all Bedworth markets, once you have decided what you are going to sell, you will need to;

The address of the National Market Traders Federation is;

Hampton House, Hawshaw Lane, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74 0HA
Telephone 01226 749 021

Once you have this, you can attend the market as a casual trader.

  • You will need to arrive at 7.30am and see the Markets' Officer (in Bedworth, at the Superintendent's office or, in Nuneaton, by the water feature in the Market Place)

If there is a stall available, one will be allocated to you on a casual basis for the day.

If you wish to sell food, additional terms and conditions apply.  For further details, contact the Markets' Officer.


Charges for trading
Market Type Cost
Nuneaton Saturday (casual) £41.00
  Saturday (regular) £36.10
  Wednesday Street Trading (casual) £36.00
  Wednesday Street Trading £32.70
  Street Vendors (Saturday) £43.03
  Street Vendors (weekdays) £40.40
  Street Vendors (Saturday only) £55.65
  Street advertising - from £72.29
Bedworth Stalls £8.25
  3 metre lock-up unit £87.85
  4 metre lock-up unit £120.41
  5 metre lock-up unit £148.17
  6 metre lock-up unit £175.92
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